Monday, December 22, 2008

[Gold Coast] Carrara Market

Carara Market
Handicraft stall

Carara Market5
Home furnishings stall

Carara Market4
More handicrafts

Carara Market3
Kitchenware stall

Carara Market2
More crafts *~*

Carara Market1
Self-torture ride

Not my kind of market. I prefer food market.

My mood grumpy after being denied the pleasure of having iced coffee at the market (certain cow said no :( ).

The mood worsen after finishing dim sum at Top One, Australia Fair Shopping Centre. Seriously, can kena renal failure one.

Dim Sum@Australian Fair
Dim sum at Top One @Australia Fair Shopping Centre

Gave up snapping shots after I tasted the chee cheong fun (rice rolls doused in soy sauce). Eeyer......

Been wanting to visit Gold Coast's high street. But there was no parking after doing zillions of round, darn it. Ended up at Go Go Mart (Japanese supermarket) shopping up a storm.

1 comment:

Nate-n-Annie said...

"self torture ride" LOLz

sorry you had such a bad dim sum experience. I think that dim sum looks pedantic.

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