Tuesday, December 02, 2008

[Brunei 2008] Villa Mauri

Sorry for the long silence. Been having problem with the internet connection.


Villa Mauri

Villa Mauri interior

Villa Mauri must be written to death by now by Brunei bloggers.

It is perhaps the closest 'proper' restaurant to my house.

I am not big on Italian food when going out to eat with the exception of Spaghettini but heck that's a bit far. So I settled for Villa Mauri for a family outing.

Appetiser menu@Villa Mauri

Bread n dip @Villa Mauri
Complimentary bread and dip

The tomato-ey dip was very tasty. Princess keep dipping.

Drinks @Villa Mauri
Drinks (sis die die must snap -_-```)

Seafood pizza@Villa Mauri
Seafood pizza

Topping was nice nice but crust was limp.

Pasta @Villa Mauri
Pasta 'pat-chi-so-wai'

The very polite bro said,'oh, you can't find this taste anywhere else.' Hehe, kakaka.

Lasagna @Villa Mauri

This was the highlight of the whole meal.

Braised lamb shank @Villa Mauri
Braised lamb shank

The shank could do with a longer bath in the pot. The taste is somewhat lacking and could do with a little more seasoning. The lack of red wine in braising liquid really mark this dish down.

My sis told the bemused waiter, 'we would like the lamb medium please.' HAHAHAHA

Villa Mauri's sundae

Mediocre, supermarket quality ice-cream.

Tiramisu @Villa Mauri

Cheese mixture was light and flavourful. A very good execution. Shame about the absence of madeira though.

Chocolate fondant@Villa Mauri
Chocolate fondant

Well, it's named after the owner's wife in the menu. Sis quite like this. What's not to like. Hot pudding with oozing chocolate centre topped with vanilla ice-cream.

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