Tuesday, December 09, 2008

[Brunei 2008] Charcoal Grill

Hooray *fireworks*

Last post on Brunei 2008 trip.

If you ask me if I miss working life, I will answer without thinking.

Sure I do but I wouldn't trade my time spending with Princess for the world.

But the only good thing which came out of my Brunei working life was my ex-colleagues. They probably don't know but they are the reason I stayed behind in that rat hole.

Ribs @Charcoal
Dear Rch had the grilled ribs. She didn't even finish half of it!

Pasta with lamb@Charcoal
Dear L had lamb with pasta. It looked and smell fantastic.

Pasta with mushroom@Charcoal
Dear LSG had pasta with sauteed mushroom. Portion was humongous but the stick thin LSG polished off the whole thing! Speak about being ravenous!

Caesar salad@Charcoal
I was nursing a sore throat so I settled for caesar salad with smoked salmon. Smoked salmon was weirdly tough.

Sides @Charcoal
Dear LF ordered the sides to eat as mains! Haha. I'd say that was a wise choice.

The following day, I flew back to Brisvegas. Back to my dear Big King.

I ordered children's meal for Princess but they didn't prepared hers.

Just as well, as I saw other kids eating cold sandwiches and hard muffin and down all that with a packet of processed milk flavoured drink.

Princess is better off with juices and chicken rice and warm croissants and oreo cookies. She loved them all!

Chicken rice on RBA flight

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