Tuesday, December 16, 2008

[Brisbane] Yum Yum Peking Duck

Yum Yum Peking Duck
Shop 5/146 Scotts Rd
Ph: 3217 0188

A reader of this blog had recommended Yum Yum to me earlier this year. I know. It's end of the year now @@!

I jot it down under my very own 'yum yum' journal and then forgot about it. Bad.

Interest was rekindled when the place was simultaneouly featured in Courier Mail and Gourmet Traveller's magazine.

So it's die die must try.

Yum Yum Peking Duck Restaurant
Nondescript storefront.

Drive too fast, you would definitely miss it.

Far cry from the temple design, red lacqured, red painted walls, Chinese restaurant we passed by at Cleveland Point last Sunday.

Me eyes popped and me jaw dropped when I saw the 'loud' restaurant.

Peking duck@Yum Yum

Ordered peking duck - 2 courses AUD49.80.

For the first course, we had sliced duck skin with a little meat served on pancakes with hoisin sauce and cucumber and spring onions.

We had ten of those pancakes. Pre-laid out in a small serving plate for us. Imagine our little table covered with ten little plates of pancakes hoho~~

The duck was then sent back to the kitchen to be stripped of its meat which was diced finely and stir fry with diced vegetables. To be eaten wrapped in lettuce leaves. San choy bao is what they call it, for second course.

This time we got a plate of 4 wraps each. Suffice to say we coudn't finish all and took away 4 wraps.

San choy bao@Yum Yum

HK style fried noodles@Yum Yum
Hong Kong style fried noodles with chicken slices AUD10.80.

Princess does not eat duck so this plate of noodles should keep her happy. She had a big bowl and we polished off the rest. The noodles was very good full of wok hei.

We woudn't mind coming back to try out other dishes in the menu.

The place is accessible by train. Just hop off at Darra Station and walk across.

There was also another Vietnamese restaurant named Cam Ranh few shops away. It seemed to be doing roaring business and I supposed it's signature dish has to do with crabs as the door or is it the window was adorned with crab drawings.

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