Thursday, November 27, 2008

[Brunei 2008] Roti kahwin at Jing Chew

I believe the whole of Brunei know where Jing Chew is.

It's so famous people flocked there for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea though it's not really in a fantastic location.

We walked over to Jing Chew after finishing at Tasanee.

Roti kacang kahwin@Jing Chew
Roti kacang kahwin (sweet crushed peanuts bread with butter and kaya)

Roti kuning kahwin@Jing Chew
Buttery bread with butter and kaya

Princess@Jing Chew
Princess loves my oversized sunnies.

To be honest I cannot understand why people flock here. The bread is so so and the drinks were mediocre. But you know, its a Bruneian thing to limteh here. Old school coffee shop, there is not a lot of these around nowadays.

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They look delicious, and Princess looks adorable as well :)
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