Wednesday, November 12, 2008

[Brunei 2008] Country Patch

Bleh, still on Brunei posts?? I heard you scream.

Ok, just this one and I will post something no less interesting from home here in Brissie next.

Ahhh, the bouts of bad food spell had seem to died after the dire taste-bud-murder circumstances at Mall and that nearby building.

My dear friend/relative SY recommended this place. It was newish then when I was back home. The promise of nasi lemak and chicken pie sold me.

Country Patch
Homey country feeling interior (well, its not called Country Patch for no reason *snigger*)

The Orient@Country Patch
It's called ??? Orient??

Normally I would not shoot drinks but this one looked pretty and tasted rather nice. It was a concoction of tea and fresh orange juice. Very refreshing at hot sunny midday.

Chicken pie@Country Patch
Chicken pie with salad

The pie crust is the short pastry type which I prefer to the oil laden puff pastry. The filling ain't too bad but SY commented the sauce was too starchy. You can see the filling had this coagulated gloopy starchy thing when the pie has gone cold. But its not so eveident when its freshly out of the oven. Yeah, too heavy handed on the starch.

But still, it is a tasty pie.

Nasi Lemak@Country Patch
Nasi lemak and fried chicken basket (back)

Nice fragrant fluffy rice (tainted green from pandan juice I suppose). Nice fried chicken and nice sambal.

An above average nasi lemak in my book. Taste a lot nicer when eating it in a nice air-conditioned environment. A winner (at least in my book).

Both SY and I were gluttons when it comes to fried chicken. Its sorta my comfort food. So we ordered more fried chicken to share.

Not good to be greedy. Do not follow this aunty (me) footsteps. Ah, it was just too much meat at midday. I struggled to finish the chicken.

Creme Brulee@Country Patch
Creme brulee

No, I can't stomach more food no more. SY craved some sweets and settled for the ever comforting creme brulee. I quite like this (I had a small taste, I can't help myself *silly glutton*) as the sweetness was just right for me.

Go on, stuff your face, you know you want to.

Where to find?
Behind Express Fastfood in Kiulap, same block as Twelv Cafe.


Anne said...

that creme brulee looks fantastic. been enjoying reading your gastronomical adventures!

BB said...

Le Orient darling sis