Wednesday, November 19, 2008

[Brunei 2008] Cheezbox @ The Mall, Gadong

Last Sunday, we had a really bad storm. They say its like the worst in decades. A lot of suburbs were affected and roofs got blown away, walls got torn, no water and electricity. Lots of families lost their homes. Its a really trying time and happened close to Christmas made it a lot more worse.

The government had stepped in to help. Deploying resources like the army to help clean up the mess and offering financial assistance. I hope all goes well with them and may them have a wonderful Christmas.

Baked seafood rice@Cheezbox
Baked seafood rice in African sauce

Well I have no idea why the sauce is called African but it tasted rather nice with a hint of spiciness.

Yam claypot noodle with seafood@Cheezbox
Claypot noodles with yam and seafood

I am always partial to claypot noodles, especially one with yam in it. The yam was cooked till very soft and kind of disintegrated and 'melted' into the claypot. Imagine noodles and seafood in a pool of soupy mashed yam. Does not sound very nice, but you will be surprised how good it tastes. Well, if you like yam, that is.

Cheezbox calamari
Cheezbox calamari

Deepfried calamari tossed in tasty salt and pepper mix.

Belgian waffle@Cheezbox
Belgian waffles with butterscotch sauce

Princess was happy and ate a little. No mood. She sick.

I wonder if I'll ever finish my 2008 Brunei posts before I am back home in Brunei Jan 2009!

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