Thursday, November 06, 2008

[Brunei 2008] The Mall foodcourt


Had wanted to go Cheezbox, but mum and bro insisted on coming here. As if bro ever made any decision in his life -_- hah, bleh.

The Mall foodcourt

Yong chap
Yong chap??

Tasted as bad as it looked. I actually brought this back and made a complaint. Then there emitted a loud commotion from the kitchen, so much so that it drove away several potential customers.

The daft cook insisted this is yong chap. And you know what, it looked nothing like the pic in their photo menu. I pointed at the photo with an inquiry look on my face to the Filipina server. She just shrugged her shoulder. I did not press further, it's not like it's her fault.

Oh well, I brought back and one bite I pushed the plate away. It was so horrible like you wouldn't imagine. Perhaps there were 'extra' ingredients when I sent back to the kitchen.

What was I thinking?? I was not in a proper f&b establishment (in my opinion) let alone a five star fitout.


So moving on to laksa (from the same stall), urgh, perhaps the worst I have ever tasted in my entire life till that moment. The broth was so sweet, accompanying garnish was some cold and hard chicken pieces, cucumber and some taupok. I managed maybe 3 slurps of the noodle.

Well, the nightmare had not ended. We still have a chicken kolomee (still from the same stall *sigh*) to come and we waited like another 15 minutes after the yong chap and laksa appeared.

IT WAS THE WORST EVER. And I believe it shall remain the worst for the remaining time of me/the whole universe being on this earth/galaxy.

Princess shuddered when I first fed her. And refused to open her mouth thereafter. Then I tasted and I felt the world spinning. Words alone cannot begin to describe how bad/gross/distasteful that bowl of 'thing' was.

I was so angry to be swarmed with so much grossiest to the max food. Arghhhhhh, I wanted to scream in the packed foodcourt. Normally, I am cool and calm. But this is just too much.

The worst thing was Princess contracted German measles after visiting this atrocious place. I want to say bad words now and then, lots and lots of it..........

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