Wednesday, November 19, 2008

[Brunei 2008] Kolomee @Hing Nam Foong

Kolomee is also up there on my top favourite food list.

I went with high anticipation but one taste, it was all over.

I miss the yau kai (soy sauce chicken) and the siu pai kuat (barbequed spareribs) that was sold here previously. I remember how I purposely came and ate here eventhough it was out of the way and quite a hassle getting to and away from the place.

But the talented chef from HK left when the owner sold up due to slow business. The chef had wanted to add more varieties to the non-existent menu but the owner refused. They were only selling barbeque meats and instant noodles then.

What a waste of talent.

Hing Nam Foong

The place is surrounded by car workshops (garage) so there were only ma-lat-lou-s and one lady inside the shop. I went with my pretty and sassy sis.

They kept eyeing us when we entered, sat down, ate and still looking when leaving! Apa lihat lihat, cucuk mata mu karang. We felt like alien there.

So angry, make our mood lousy only.

Kolomee @HNF

The mood worsen when we ate the noodle. Hit rock bottom when drank from the greasy cloudy glass.

I quickly paid and fled the place.

Au revoir. May we never cross path again.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rabbit

I laughed so hard at your choice of words..."cucuk mata mu karang"... hahahaaa..

Cakap Brunei tu.

You and your sis could have
tapau-ed the meals instead of enduring all those 'penyibuk' stares.

Rina Ahmad