Tuesday, November 04, 2008

[Brunei 2008] Thiam Hock Restaurant

Thiam Hock is a long standing popular non-halal restaurant in Brunei. Situated at Yong Siong Hai building in Gadong.

One of my bestie once had to be rushed to hospital in an ambulance and almost died from food-poisoning after eating assam fish head from here.

So it was a bit scary for me to visit this time round.

But Big King loves his pai kut ong and we were in the mall and Thiam Hock is just a short stroll away. So I decided to brave it.

Sparerib rice
Argh, this is so bad, I wished I hadn't insisted on coming here in the first place.

The fatty meat is tough and super chewy (yeah, its possible for fatty meat to be tough, can you imagine?? Walao *die*) drowned in the saltiest gravy ever.

Fried noodles
This is worse, can you imagine?

The noodles were chau-tar (burnt) and imparted a bitter taste. I felt like eating charred ropes. The fish was worse :( rubbery and tough like chewing rubber. I suspect it was shark meat.

Would you like to savour a plate of rubber and ropes doused in bitter sauce?

Normally I would make a complain or a remark or two to the waiters/waitress. But this time, I have totally given up on this place and left quietly.

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