Wednesday, November 19, 2008

[Brunei 2008] House of Curry

Roti is top on my favourite food list. The hunt for the best continues.......

Stopped at House of Curry on the way back from garment factory where I grabbed some t-shirts at BND2/3 each. Super bargain! Thanks to Yvonne leng lui.

Roti @House of curry
Roti telur (savoury pancake with egg) with achar (pickles) and condiments (Y's order)

The roti came super crispy and rather big in size compared to other roti joints.

The sauce was not watered down and quite hot for my taste. Ooooh, I think of how Big King (who had return to work back in Oz) would have liked it very much.

I had a plain roti (no egg, no condiments) since my pretty sis highly recommend it. Quite nice but I still prefer the full set. I am one greedy glutton.

This place is highly recommended.

Berakas, same block as Wywy and KFC

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