Tuesday, January 06, 2009

[Travel] Mooloolaba - Fisheries on the Spit

Fisheries on the Spit
21-23 Parkyn Parade
Mooloolaba QLD4557

The plan was to visit Underwater World last friday 02/01/2009.

There was supposed to be this smoking hot Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle show. Bleh, smokin' indeed.

Since Mooloolaba is a seaside town, fish & chips is a must eat.

It was a good call we decided to visit Fisheries on the Spit as soon as we arrived at around 11.45. Within 10 minutes, the place was super busy.

The staff was friendly and cheerful and efficient, a far cry from our experience at Cleveland Point (well, that is another post altogether, I am still er...pondering)

Fisheries on the Spit@Mooloolaba
You place your order at the till and will receive a docket number. Cooked food is collected at the window to the right of the entrance (pic above).

Seafood basket@Fishries on the Spit
Fisherman's basket AUD10.90

The highlight here is the calamari, oh so perfectly cooked, so soft.

It brings tears to one's eyes. Ok, exaggerating here XD. If you know how hard it is to come by a perfectly executed calamari, you will *sob*heave* understand.

Fish fillet was cooked to perfection too, all juicy n flaky.

This is fish & chip heaven.

I couldn't stop thinking bout the calamari for the rest of the day.

This is such good value, if I live nearby, I will be the staff's best buddy within a week :P.

Grilled bream@Fisheries on the Spit
Grilled bream AUD7.00

The fish was fresh but over grilled. I was supposed to be on diet so this was my order but as soon as I saw oyster mornay on the menu and the moment I stole a tiny bite on the calamari there was no going back. Diet plan all thrown out the window. Poof, gone.

Oyster Mornay@Fisheries on the Spit
Oyster mornay (half dozen Pacific or dozen Sydney rock) AUD12.90

OMIGOD. These are 6 pieces of HEAVEN....Nuff said.

Beautiful beach, excellent fish & chips, variety of shops on beachfront. Forget the er, Underwater World, oh, go, if you must.

I can't wait to go back!! There is still Mooloolaba fish market to try out!

What a great start to 2009!


bb said...

I am so going to this Mooloolaba. Dun care if i become angelina jolie or what. Seafood.. wait for me....

hy5teria said...

I haven't tried the this Fish and Chips before but you should definitely check out 'Peter's Fish Market' at the GoldCoast. It is located just after Versace Hotel.

It is still the best and freshest seafood I've ever tasted!! Definitely a must try!!