Tuesday, July 07, 2009

[Home Cooking] Egg Pancake. Apple Tarte Tartin

Egg pancake
Chinese style savoury egg pancake

Savoury pancake with spring onions topped with omelette and cheese or tuna or whatever you fancy.

Apple tart tartin
Apple tarte tartin with vanilla ice-cream

Watching Masterchef got me eager to try out some of the recipes featured.

Recipe click here apple tarte tartin.

Last night's macaron and caramel panna cotta has got me very excited indeed and I'll attempt the recipe soon. I need to get my hands on a sugar thermometer first.

Wash down the above with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, ah, bliss!

Merlo@James St
Merlo coffee torrefaziones on James St

It's housed in an industrial looking spartanly furnished building. It's just a roasting facility with merchandise like coffee machines and accesories and ice-cream (made by Licks!) for sale.

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