Monday, July 20, 2009

Rot in hell


Bumped my car yesterday!

Rot in hell!



BLACK SUNDAY, yesterday was.

What a letdown and utter disappointment last night's Masterchef Australia's finale was.

Next season they should just called themselves MASTERCOOK!

Does the market need another '101 ways with roasts and potatoes (with occasional 2 vegs thrown in)' cookbook?????

Or another neighbourhood 'homestyle cafe'??????

Die hard fan of winner can't wait to lay their hands on the winner's cookbook???? On roasts and potatoes ALL swimming in anything but BROWN sauce/gravy??? Then again there might not be any roasts as roasts are BROWN!!!!

Pale looking aka NOT BROWN roasts on cover hastily put together and anything but BROWN roast potatoes on the cover sounds enticing???

Come-on man, be serious!! Those fans must really be utterly desperate indeed!!!

I am sure the winner is a nice and jolly good person, I must be clear here I am not criticizing/attacking the winner's character or dignity, just letdown with the show's gimmicks and tactics. Utterly ridiculous.

I don't have a particular favourite contestant on the Masterchef show. I enjoyed watching the challenges and masterclasses but even last night's finale and the one episode with Donna Hay left me fuming!

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