Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[Gold Coast] Kimchee House

Kimchee House
Shop 11
Lido Arcade
Surfers Paradise Boulevard

Bro-in-law and wife were in Brissie at the start of whale-watching season.

Off we went to Gold Coast to look-see, let them do their tourist stuff around Surfers Paradise and catch 'Mahi Mahi' after lunch time for our whale-watching session.

Before boarding the vessel, we had a simple Korean meal at Kimchee House.


The undigested food later all came up in 'Mahi Mahi' *shudder*. No more boat trip for me. Not even cruise. No no.

Kimchee House@Gold Coast

Kimchee House@GC
Lunch special menu

Kimchi Fried Rice@Kimchee House
Kimchi fried rice

Pork bibimbap@Kimchee House GC
Pork bibimbap

Food was quite bland and I had to add quite a lot of chilli sauce to go with my rice.

After lunch, we walked to Circle on Cavill for some coffee and cake.


For it all came back up too in 'Mahi Mahi'.



PyroGuy said...

Food problem or Boat problem?

aleenaueen said...

I disagree very strongly. I loved the food & found many flavours under all the heat. We've eaten there many times an no-one has ever been ill.
Their service has always been excellent.
It is so good to find a little place like this that had woman head chef.

Rabbit Sim said...

Dear readers,
If you follow on with my whale watching adventure on the next post, you'll realise I was talking about sea-sickness not food poisoning.

I never complain about the service in the post. Taste is a very perspective thing, everybody is diferent.

As for a hole in the wall mom and pop operation, its all very well they have a woman 'head-chef'.

Anonymous said...

This place had the best ddok poki.