Tuesday, August 04, 2009

[Gold Coast] Absynthe Bakery

Absynthe Bakery
Circle On Cavill
Shop 16, 3184 Surfers Paradise Boulevarde
Surfers Paradise, 4217

Absynthe@Cavil Circle GC

Strawberry&mascarpone tart@Absynthe

After lunch at Kimchee House, we crossed the road to Circle on Cavill.

We aim to have coffee and cake at Absynthe Bakery.

Heard so much good things about this French bakey on Gold Coast.

Ordered 'today's special':-cup of coffee and strawberry mascarpone tart/vanilla cake for AUD7.95 plus a mini croissant.

Mmmm *cough* *clear throat*, those bread and hot pies looks OK, I suppose I might give them a try if I pass by next time XD.

Boarding a boat during winter on a full tummy is a BAD idea.

Sea was rough and when we go out into the sea, we were against the waves.

Oh my gosh, I got very sea-sick and everything I had since morning all went into a sick bag >_<.

The passengers on the boat were a sight, there were people who were even sicker than me and did no less than 5!!! sick bags, some even rolled around on the floor and others lie flat everywhere.

But it was a fruitful day, the very friendly whales swam all around us and did their jumping shows.

The crews were very friendly and helpful handing out sea-sick tablets and sick bags, pat people's back, threw away their sick bags.

Despite being sea-sick, it was still a worthwhile thing to do. It's once in a lifetime thing, only because I wouldn't do it next time XD.

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