Sunday, August 23, 2009

[Brisbane] Hello! Kyochon

Shp3/ 581 Beenleigh Rd
Sunnybank Hills
QLD 4109

Utterly disappointed with my lunch at Ryutaro, I drove over to Beenleigh Road to change my food luck.

KyoChon@Sunnybank Hills
KyoChon is a fried chicken chain shop from Korea.

I was so excited when I saw the teeny tiny ad in local free Chinese newspaper. Must try! Fried chicken from Korea? Hmmm, I wonder how they compare to my favourite karaage and spicy KFC fried chicken (KFC in Oz sucks).

KyoChon menu menu

Soy marinated chicken@KyoChon
Soy marinated chicken

Spicy marinated chicken@KyoChon
Spicy marinated chicken

I always get half soy marinated and half spicy ($28, happy hour 12-16.30 $20). These Korean fried chicken were indeed very good. No wonder they had a even bigger market share in Korea than KFC. These are really finger licking good.

My favourite has got to be the soy marinated. Don't be fooled by the normal looking fried chicken exterior. The meat were well marinated and reeked of garlic (I love!) with a spicy crunchy coating! Wow, the flavour packed a punch.

Your order will come with a free pickled daikon (radish). I noticed a rice cooker by the side of the fridge. I suppose they serve cooked rice for free too as there is no rice on the menu.

Ahhhhh, I heart fried chicken.


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

wow, so many varieties of fried chicken, I like the freshly fried chicken too.. when its piping hot and crispy outside :)

sieyee said...

wowow... look so nice, I have to try when i go Brisbane.... ok ok

Anonymous said...

Kyochon fried chicken is indeed yummy. Thanks for the recommendation. By the way, the rice in the cooker beside the fridge is free. I like the original fried chicken. A few places which I do like to recommend to you. If you are a pizza lover: "Pizza Cafe" at University of Queensland (St Lucia).
If you are going to Sydney, I can recommend you a few good restaurants for food.

Rabbit Sim said...

Ja - I am sure there is a branch in Sydney?

Nie - hehe, you have to come for a long holiday to sample all the delectable food we have here.

Anonymous -mmmm, pizza, I am a hard one to please with pizza. If you have read my posts on pizza here before, you'll know why....
But I have heard many good things about 'Pizza Cafe' at UQ, will give it a try if I am in the area.

sieyee said...

Sim, If not because of the H1N1, i was there already la... sighhh.... so many places to go... sighhh, dont even have time to print money ^^