Monday, September 07, 2009

Pies from Chef's Fine Food

I am still alive and kicking, in case you were wondering.

I was in a school-search frenzy since the beginning of last month.

Princess is suppose to attend prep school next year (not compulsory though). But to get into the school's year one, you have a better chance if you attended it's prep class.

I called around the private schools in vicinity (within 10 mile radius), there were some 15-20 of them (!?!!). Yeah, THAT many. I called up several and gave up, ALL of them FULL. Apparently 99.99999% of parents started to enrol their babies in private schools from BIRTH!!??!! WTH???!!?? I suppose they double, triple, quadruple, centenialruple (whatever) their child. So no chance if you act late, like me.

I mean what's with these people, pfffft. Having just arrived here 2 years ago and zilch friends here, this enrolment frenzy had done my head in. And I had absolutely no idea, no clues about it.

And there were state schools within spitting distance of each other and all of them under catchment management plan. I mean, what a waste of resources with each of them having own swimming pool, own resource centre/library, own fancy hall (some million dollar investment from government stimulus package), own huge sports ground. Waste of taxpayers money. Individual school grounds are huge and all single story building, hence cannot accommodate so many students, as a result need A LOT of these individual schools to cater to all.

OK I can hear you snigger with the thought, 'so small meh, how small wor.'

Two examples, from my extensive search on the schools' website, one had 87 students from prep to Year 7 and another had some 102 from prep to Year 7. And some schools claimed to be proud at managing some 400+ students. HAHAHA, a joke right. But of course, compared to the school with 87 students, kakaka.

The state school within our catchment was apparently a dumping ground for children with refugee parents, single parents and certain abilities challenged children (not that I have anything against these people). Apparently there was this forum which say that because these children comes from 'very special' and dysfuntional background, a lot of the child develop harsh attitude towards women/girl and there were bouts of episodes of bullying/racism/general rude attitudes in the school. Now I don't know how true, but having read all these, would you still even want to consider the school *shudder*.

But I have enrolled her in two other nearby schools, one guaranteed, one still waiting. Hopefully we will get the school we desire. Fingers crossed (very very hard).

Oh, I am supposed to be writing about pies >.<.
Pies from Chef's Fine Food
Assorted pies from Janpowerhouse market

Princess and I especially like the curried scallops pie and love the chicken burgundy pie. We didn't think much of the pork and prawn rolls, tasted a bit weird. Big King didn't like any of those. Tsk, the man is hard to please.

These pies were chock full of ingredients, they are very good value at $6 a pop.

The stall also do a brisk trade of its pate.

It's worth checking out if you ever pop by Janpowerhouse market in New Farm.

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Gastronomy Gal said...

These curried scallop pies look yummy! I will have to give them a go!