Thursday, September 24, 2009

[Brisbane] Neway Karaoke Restaurant

Newway Karaoke Restaurant
Shop 30/358 Main Road
Sunnybank, 4109

(next to KFC)

This is where we ended up after being turned away at Sunny Court (on a saturday night).

Sunny Court (which specialises in Sichuan cuisine and steamboat) was so busy, hardly fit in with current economic situation. Other restaurants were not doing so great. One day we went into Oriental (sunday night, should have been extremely busy), there were only 4 or 5 tables occupied.

Neway Karaoke
Anyway, the restaurant was quite small with no more than 15 tables. But the menu is extensive with specials scribbled on paper plastered all over the wall and a 'Today Specials' board. Headache for first time patrons. So many choices, what to order??

Sweet & Sour pork @Neway
Sweet and sour pork rib rice set (from today special board and comes with a drink and soup of the day)

Hokkien Fried Rice@Neway
Hokkien fried rice

We also ordered herbal chicken hotpot which is difficult to photograph as its just a pot of boiling stock spiked with wine and a plate of raw chicken pieces. Mmm, not very nice-looking.

I actually enjoyed the food but Big King commented the place has this musty smell which is really off-putting so we haven't been back since.

There's still too many other new places to try nearby anyway.

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wendall said...

The food looks good and I hear you can also rent a private dining room.