Tuesday, September 22, 2009

[Brisbane] EKKA 2009

This would be the last year Princess get to go to EKKA for free (4 yr and under), bo pian, I have to drag my reluctant fat ass there this year.

Anything involving masses of crazy crowds and hot hot sun is not my thing.

As soon as we pass the entrance, there were a number of rides. Of course Princess wanted to have a go.

Princess at Ekka 2009

Went in search of food after a round of rides.

Battered dog@EKKA
The famous Ekka dog (frankfurt) on a stick, battered and dipped in ketchup. AUD4.50 or was it 6? a pop, rip-off! But it's an EKKA tradition. I gave up after 2 teeny bites >_<, bleh, eeyer, the taste 'kiasilang'.

We then wandered to International Food Village and found ourselves eating paella, choc brownie and curry puff. Again, they tasted 'kiasilang' :$.

After an unremarkable lunch, we proceeded to see displays of fruits and veg (yawn), some business and Queensland Government display pavilion (double yawn) but as soon as I stepped inside Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion, I got excited and wandering eagerly from stall to stall, sampling along the way.

There were all sorts of cooked food (gourmet, yay!) on offer like, braised lamb shanks, woodfired oven pizza, gelato, Greek yogurt, Queensland deli and lots of wine booths.

Very exciting for me but boring for the little one and Big King. Heck, at least the place is air-conditioned with plenty of seats. I left reluctantly to go to show bag pavilions. Came out empty-handed, rubbish merchandise.

Too hot and tired to explore further, we called it a day.

Suddenly I look forward to next year's Ekka :-)

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