Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sportsgirl Accesories

Sportsgirl accesories

Picked up a few items on Sportsgirl accessories sale rack. They are meant for little sis except the earrrings.

I find Sportsgirl accessories better made and designed than Diva's or other chain clothing stores' accessories. They are slightly pricier too but you can always grab a bargain during sale.

Went into Flight Centre to enquire about fares flying home. Encountered two unprofessional staff there. One ignored me, the other was unfriendly (throughout the time she served me) and gave me dirty looks when I said I didn't want to book there and then and wanted to have a think first.

I even heard them exchanging scath remarks about an old lady (after she left) who came in earlier, trying to get some advice on spending in NZ, traveller's cheques or visa debit or forex.

Gosh how unprofessional they were, slagging off other customer in front of me. I gave them both beady eye when I approached because of the old lady episode (for god's sake, have some heart!), so I guess the rude treatment for me!

The other girl (only 2 girls there), jumped off her seat, threw the earphone onto the desk after finishing a call, saying in a loud exasperated voice to the girl attending to me,'can you believe it, that was my second call!!!!'

They've been open only for an hour. Already, the girls were complaining. Wow, such attitude! I pity the customers.

Irresponsible, rude and lazy people get on my nerve. It's worse because I can't conceal my feelings. My face always reflect what I feel. For that, I am a terrible liar.

Bleh, that will be the last they see of me. Good for me and better for them (less work).

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sieyee said...

oohh.. i miss sportsgirl so much, i used to shop there when i was studying in Ade.. sighh...