Tuesday, September 22, 2009

[Brisbane] Roast duck noodle soup, Vietnam Corner

I have probably blogged Vietnam Corner to death by now, much like my favourite bakery, Chouquette. It's no secret that it's our favourite restaurant in Brissie and our fall back default when we couldn't decide where to eat.

This pic I took looked too good, I couldn't resist to show it.

Roast duck noodle@Vietnam Corner
Roast duck noodle soup

Princess can eat half the portion (noodle only) by herself! It's a big bowl!

I crave for certain food every now and then, most recently it was egg tart.

Good thing there's ready-rolled frozen puff pastry. Just half an hour, you can sink your teeth into piping hot egg tart.

Recipes have been written before. I must say, my version is not a remarkably fantastic one but it's enough to satiate my cravings.


Gastronomy Gal said...

I'm always on the look out for good egg tart! Perhaps you can share your recipe?

Rabbit Sim said...

Sure, will write it up when I next make them. I've got a stash of frozen puff pastry in the freezer.

Anonymous said...

I was there at Vietnam Corner last week. Wasn't overly impressed with the food. I personally think Golden BBQ in the Valley is better.

Rabbit Sim said...

Sure Anonymous, taste is a fairly subjective thing.

As least you have tried the food to know what you prefer.

Please don't hate me for wasting your time and money XD.

Anonymous said...

Well, here are my thoughts. The won tons were succulent, for one. The soup you get with a rice meal was yum. Soya Chicken was okay. The crunchy crackling on the roast pork was awesome, but the meat itself was a bit bland. Got a really bad cut of roast duck with barely any meat on it. The char siu was just bad. Hard, chewy and again bland. And the Vietnamese chicken chop looked tasty but tasted mediocre, it lacked the subtley of the truly sublime authentic version. Doesn't help the impression I got that that the Vietnamese menu was all about Chinese folk trying to do Vietnamese.

The whole meal was not absolutely dreadful per se, I just didn't get the praise you have for them, and it could very well have been an off night for them. But I doubt I would want to go all the way to Sunnybank just to try their food again, since I don't live near the area.

Rabbit Sim said...

I see where you are coming from. The restaurant did have its bad days. Once I got a dreadfully salty over braised dry soy chicken, none too happy.
The seasonings by the restaurant could be subtle which I like.
One of the owner is Vietnamese, so it is not pretense Vietnamese food. But I must say the Vietnamese dishes were less than stellar, there are better options nearby like Hung's.