Thursday, October 08, 2009

[Redcliffe] Morgans Seafood

Morgans Seafood
Bird Of Passage Parade
Scarborough boat Harbour, Redcliffe QLD 4020
(07)3203 4592

Morgan's Seafood @Redcliff
Morgans seafood market and takeaway

Inside Morgan's Seafood
Seafood counters

Morgan's Seafood chippy counter
Takeaway counter with selection of seafood

Sydney's Coffin Bay Oysters from Oysters Bar

Fisherman's Basket@Morgan's
Fisherman's basket/variety pack

Selection include pineapple fritters, calamari, surimi stick, vegetable springroll, fish bites and chips.

Fish and bug tail@Morgan's
Hake, bug tails and scallops (underneath the fish fillet)

The place was super busy on sunday and our order took around 45 minutes! The drive from Brisbane to Redcliffe, though not really far, took a little over an hour.

Outdoor seating was plentiful but a clean freak will probably, well, freak out. I scrubbed the tables and chairs with tissues doused with hand sanitizer. I almost fainted when the tissues turned BLACK instantly upon contact.

Not a pleasant experience for me, especially when the fish smell a bit and Princess refused to eat after one bite.

If you are hankering after some decent seafood alfresco style, I highly recommend you head to Mooloolaba. Though the chairs and tables (either at the deck above Mooloolaba fish market or those outside Fisheries on the Spit) looked tatty and old and scruffy but they are surprisingly clean. You might have guessed I did try wiping/scrubbing the tables and chairs before sitting down.

There are better ways to spend a lazy Sunday.


Gastronomy Gal said...

It is so hard to find a good fish and chips! In Rosalie, Fish lovers does pretty good grilled fish but I'm not sure I know of many other great places. Obviously this is another one to cross off the list- ESP given the dirty tables!

Rabbit Sim said...

Do not write off Morgans so quick. It is a VERY popular place, I guess it has its value.
All other people at the seating area were happy, nobody did the wiping/cleaning ritual like I do, at least I didn't see anyone else doing it and they seem happy to eat off *shudder* the grime covered tables.
I guess I'm just being paranoid. But I am one clean freak!
People gawked at me when I started pulling out tons of tissue, doused with hand sanitizer to scrub the table and chairs. I watched too much ACA, TodayTonight. Can't be too careful esp with little one. Or you can do as some diners do, bring your own tablecloth! Now why didn't I think of that!
Obviously I am not the only paranoid ones XXD