Thursday, October 08, 2009

[Brisbane] Nudo's on Mary

Nudo's on Mary
62 Mary St
City, 4000

Nudo's on Mary
Only al-fresco seatings available.

The place was deserted when we arrived, around 13 15 for lunch.

What, no crowd? The food must be so so, I thought to myself. The 'good food is where the crowd is' sensor is ON.

But I was super hungry and parking was tricky.

OK, let's give it a chance before my legs bring me over to Jackpot/the Korean place nearby.

The menu was short and looked very similar to your neighbourhood takeaway.

Disappointed, I couldn't make up my mind as to what to order.

Now the chefs has won a gold medal in some cookery contests and lauded with their innovative and tasty dish. Maybe there were only 3 contestants (hehe), no no, my bad, just joking.

Decided to stick to our all time favourite.

Fried kway teow@Nudo's
Char kway teow (stir fried broad rice noodles)

One taste and I was smiling. Decidedly a better version of all the Malaysian/Chinese restaurants (here in BrisVegas) I have been to, this one is full of wok hei (breathe of wok) and chock full of ingredients including seafood, chicken and lup cheong (chinese sausage). Seasoning was also to my palate, not too salty nor bland.

I rate it very high though I cook a mean fried kway teow too.

With high anticipation, my order came.

@_@, very big portion, as you can see from the photo, the salad covered the noodles!

Noodles with shredded chicken and jellyfish

This is perhaps the most interesting item on the menu. It is normally two separate dishes, tossed noodles and chicken & jellyfish & cucumber salad. It's a novelty to marry the two.

The noodles was done to my taste too, springy and just the right seasoning. The shredded chicken tender and moist (though it is chicken breast), I believe, the chicken rice will not be too bad too.

Only gripes, the jellyfish smell a bit and not too crunchy.

All in all, still a value for money dish.

I can recommend this too if you can stomach jellyfish.

While we were eating, the chef was cooking curry paste in the kitchen. The smell wafted to our noses and kind of whet the appetite. The paste smell delicious and I made a mental note to try the curry next time.


ahbing said...

Hello! My name Ah Bing. I am a Malaysian student who just graduated, now in Brisbane.

I was searching for Brisbane food blogger and my friend introduced your site. Wow.. your blog is awesome! Soooooo many places to eat and the photos are nice!

I have some questions to ask you, do you mind to contact me with email?

I own a personal blog too!

Keep in touch soon. Happy to see your blog.. seriously. Felt like I am not alone in Brisbane Food Blogosphere anymore ;)

Rabbit Sim said...

Ah Bing,
Thanks for your kind words.
Will get in touch soon.