Thursday, September 15, 2011

[Brisbane] Skybury coffee

Skybury Australian Coffee Centre
136 Ivicevic Road
Paddy's Green, Mareeba
Queensland 4880 Australia

If you are in the search of a local coffee within a reasonable food mile, look no further than Skybury.

I was hopping from stall to stall at Queensland Food and Wine show 2010 (I know, this post is wayyyyyy overdue) when suddenly a pack of coffee was thrusted in my face and I had to take two steps back to actually see what was being 'thrown' (hehe) at me.

Local coffee? Hmm, why not. Though I am not into drip or cafetierred coffee, I am keen to give this a try since it's local.

Skybury coffee

Skybury coffee1
Pre-ground coffee is packed into a sachet which will fit most cup/mug top.

Coffee itself smell really good and surprisingly smooth to the palate with a medium body. It's quite good for drip coffee. It's perfect for those on the go, all you need is a cup and hot water, voila! instant coffee that taste like it could come from a cafe.

Perfect pairing the coffe with pancake and ice-cream, yumm...

Curry puff
Or if you prefer savoury, you could have asian-themed curry puff.

You still can taste the coffee after eating these rather strong flavoured food. I reckon it's a keeper in the pantry.

Curry puff inside
Curry puff cross-section.

Enjoy coffee! Hooray coffee! Kudos to the coffee growers, you make our day (coffee drinkers at least)! Yay!

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