Wednesday, March 03, 2010

[Brisbane] Little Taipei Foodcourt. Yang Mama

Little Taipei is located at Market Square, Sunnybank, above High Fresh Supermarket.

Little Taipei

Little Taipei1
Dingy stairway leading to air-conditioned food court on the first floor.

Yang Mama
There are four other stalls to choose from; steak/chop on hotplate stall, Korean food stall, Sichuan food stall and an Easyway drink stall.

The other vacant stall lots were pretty run-down and filled with junks.

Fried fish noodle soup
Fried fish fillets in noodle broth.

Fish fillets were cooked perfectly and seasoned nicely. I am sure they were the cheap frozen basa fillets probably those imported ones from Vietnam. Still, they tasted pretty good for fried fish fillets and no funny fishy smell.

Noodle broth was the thick starchy type with lots of onion pieces swimming around. It tasted quite ordinary and bland with a hint of bonito.

I doused the broth with lots of vinegar, it kind of liven up the flavour.

I think it was only AUD8, I'd say it's not bad as you get three pieces of sizeable fish fillets.


Lara said...

I had their pork and preserved vegetable noodle soup not so long ago. It's pretty good for a cheap feed but Little Taipei hasn't been a regular haunt of mine since the refurb a few years ago - I really quite liked the outdoor eating area, even if it was on a main road! :-/

Alynna said...

The sizzling steak is the bomb! :)