Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gadgets Mania!

A lot more gadgets would have found their places in my kitchen if not for the fact that my kitchen and pantry are real tiny; not to mention already crammed and bursting XD..........

Cuisinart-BC-50A-L Supreme Commercial Quality Ice Cream Maker
Commercial grade ice-cream maker

Plus point: no pre-freezing of pan (my freezer is absolutely filled to the max!), end result is firm.

Minus point: super noisy! Not ideal if you live in apartment with thin walls. The outside of pan gets freezed up rather quickly. the unit will stop automatically when paddle is struggling to churn while the middle is still runny. But a little mixing and it's good to go again.

I got mine from Everten. This is hard to find in shop let alone getting it cheap online. But Everten's price was reasonable at AUD448.

Other goodies from Everten, from top left clockwise: Dreamfarm potato masher, Mundial take-apart kitchen shears, chicago metallic swiss-roll pan and kyocera ceramic peeler.

A brief shop at Peter's of Kensington once a year's massive sale is inevitable......
Peter's of Kensington

From top left clockwise: Salter aquatronic scale, V&B espreso new-wave spoon, ice-cream scoop, madeleine pan and in the middle Cuisinart waffle maker AUD63.

Every kitchen should have an aquatronic scale (measures both solid weight and liquid ml in both metric and imperial measurement) if you are serious about baking. Chuck out the measuring cup/jug/bowl!

The Cuisinart waffle maker retails for AUD99.95 in shop, even if there is a sale (which is normaly 15%), ordering it online is wayyyy cheaper, even with the shipping thrown in.

Dyson DC22 Motorhead
Myer's offer of 15% discount and double points on Dyson range, if you have a Myer one card, is simply irrestible.

The above picture showed the result of first vacuuming. Holy moly the dust and what not collected was WAY over maximum capacity!

This only happens nowadays if I don't empty my unit in a month!!!

I can't imagine what we were living with before we got the Dyson, SUPER SCARY!!

If you can afford one, go for it, don't even hesitate! Especially if you are asthmatic and have little ones at home.

Princess got her first asthma attack last year and we quickly bought a Dyson after that. She haven't had any serious attack since. Touchwood!

Korean non-stick marble pan
OK, I know this is lame, what?? a pan??

The Calpalon non-stick pans (I have 2 different sizes) really had seen their better days. this time round instead of shopping and looking up reviews for expensive, heavy duty non-stick pan, I got myself what seem to be the craze among Taiwanese and Korean housewives.

Korean made marble non-stick pan coated with gold and silver specks.

I got mine from Hanaro Mart at Times Square in Sunnybank. They are only AUD24. The brand I got was heavier than others and has got the extra gold coating.

Now I know silver has anti-bacterial function but gold? Hmm, I don't know what it does really.

Korean marble pan sticker
Korean writing from the non-stick pan, someone please enlighten?

After 4 months of intensive use, it still looks spanking new without a single scratch (I use wooden spatula) and the coating has not gone-off like those Tefal/Calphalon/Scanpan. Fingers crossed, I have found myself a gem. Let's see how it does after a year.

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