Tuesday, February 16, 2010

[Gold Coast] Chocolicious

Pacific Fair Shopping Centre

Choclicious@Pacific Fair GC
A reader recommended this place for their signature iced chocolate drink.

So off I went in search of the said drink when we went Pacific Fair.

Iced chocolate@Choclicious
Tada! Iced chocolate!

To be honest the pale colour of the concoction did not scream 'Yummy!' when it arrived at the table.

But one sip me and Princess started 'fighting' over who get the next sip after Big King's turn.

So it's me turn, Princess turn, Big King turn, Princess turn, me turn, Princess turn, me turn, Princess turn then Princess turn................

Awwww, it really was a delicious drink. But I woudn't call it refreshing because of the cream and all.

Assorted choclates from Choclicious
Brought home an assortment of chocolates. I must say the flavours were quite subtle, I can't tell one flavour from another, orz........

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