Tuesday, February 09, 2010

[Gold Coast] Yuuga

Modern Sushi Dining
38 Cavill Ave
Surfers Paradise
QLD 4217

Yuuga@Gold Coast

First visit 19/09/2009 for dinner

Uzaku@Yuuga GC
Uzaku AUD5.80

Barbequed eel with cucumber salad in vinegar dressing.

Kid's meal(dinner)@Yuuga GC
Kid's meal (dinner) AUD13.80

Superb value!

Thee were omelette, prawn fritters, potato salad, fried chicken and chicken minced patty.

Kid's meal icecream@Yuuga GC
Ice-cream which comes with the kid's meal.

Newstyle sushi set@Yuuga GC
Newstyle sushi set AUD28

Superb technique in rice pressing. Fish/topping did not separate from vinegared rice and rice did not crumble and fell apart after a bite or even 2 bites.


Fish was aburi-ed nicely, raw calamari and scallop were sweet and melt in the mouth. The beef was sweet and tender. The roe fresh and crunchy.

Yakisoba@Yuuga GC
Yakisoba AUD16

Fried noodles covered in omelette and drizzle with mayo and worchestershire tasting brown sauce.

Revisited 09/01/2010 for lunch
Unagi set lunch@Yuuga GC
Unagi set lunch (I think it was AUD19)

Ladies set lunch@Yuuga GC
Ladies set lunch AUD15

Now this was ordered out of curiosity as to how savoury adzuki sticky rice (only cooked on special occassion) taste like.

Mmmmm, I like the er, green tea panna cotta.....XD

Children's meal@Yuuga GC
Kid's meal (lunch) AD12

Presentation and taste wise a far cry from the dinner version.

The ice-cream came san the chocolate drizzle and cornflake.

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