Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Maxim's Frozen Snowskin Mooncakes 2009

Maxim's mooncakes 2009

Black one is sesame flavour with some kind of nut, our family favourite.

The chocolate skin is mango with chocolate rice crispies.

The green coloured one is most probably plain with just mung beans.

This year's version (2009) was tastier than last year's (2008). I suppose it's an improved recipe.

Looking forward to this year's mooncakes. I hope Big Gun makes a custard baked skin version (fingers crossed).

Speaking of Big Gun, it is currently my favourite place for yum cha!! They make the most kick-arse custard bun ever!


quop said...

hi, where can you get these mooncakes? and where is big gun?

wine reviews said...

These look really tasty! I wish I could get em' here in AZ! Cheers!

Rabbit said...

Hi Quop:
These mooncakes were available between end July and until sold out each year. They come from Hong Kong and could be found in Chinese Supermarkets in the freezer cabinet.

I don't think they are available anymore. Well, just 5 more months to go!

Big Gun is in Underwood across the road from Big W. It's a commercial area with shops and restaurants. I will be writing about Big Gun Chinese restaurant soon.