Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[HK Dec2009] Day 3 What we ate


We had brekkie again at hotel. Three Western sets this time.


After shopping around Causebay Bay, I can't wait to make my way over to Kowloon Island to visit my personal favourite Tam Chai to have sour and spicy noodles and grilled chicken wings.

Then we traipse over 2 streets away to have our favourite desserts at Tai Leung Pat Kei.

Tong Sui@Jordan HK
Black sesame dumplings in ginger broth, warm sesame paste and cashewnut paste

There was this "The 44th Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo" going on at Victoria Park so we decided to walk a round there after a heavy lunch to burn some calories.

Inside the place was filled to the brim with people!! Especially the 'Ginseng, Dried Seafood & Soup Packs' Zone. OMG, nobody can walk in that zone, we were basically being 'pushed forward' all the way.



Bird's nest drink
Prices were really cheap and I went away with 'some' stuff hehe. We left when we can't carry anymore.


Due to previous night's experience in scoring a table at nice restaurants, I called to book a table. But still they were fully booked after 7pm on a weekday :-(. So we had an early dinner at 6.30pm and had to leave by 7.30pm. Not a problem, we are quick eaters.

Wu Kong Times Sq HK
Wu Kong at Times Square, Causeway Bay

Siao long@Wu Kong
Siao long (meat dumplings), we had 2 baskets.

Sweet&sour fish@Wu Kong
Sweet and sour fish

Beancurd dumplings@Wu Kong
Beancurd dumplings filled with vegetables

Beancurd dumpling
The filling was very tasty with a hint of sesame oil. This is a must order.

Honeyed ham@u Kong
Honeyed ham

Chinese ham served with fried beancurd sheet in a bun drizzled with syrup. Super yummy! Another must order!

The food is of a high standard in this restaurant. It was as good as I remembered from my last experience at another branch at Peking Road, Tsimsachui.

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