Friday, April 09, 2010

[Brisbane] Beastie Burgers

Beastie Burgers
Shop 60D
Little Stanley St
Southbank 4101 Qld

Beastie Burgers@Southbank
Established less than 2 years ago, this little burger joint on the restaurant stretch of Southbank offers gourmet style burgers.

Brisbane has seen mushrooming of gourmet burger joints after rapid expansion of Grill'd. There is even one branch in my sleepy neighbourhood.
Pork burger@Beastie Burgers
Pork burger

It was supposed to be served with apple sauce instead of sweet chili mayo you see on the pic but they ran out. What? At 12.xx less than 2 hours after opening??

But the mayo goes well with the tasty pork patty.

Lamb burger@Beastie Burgers
Lamb burger

This is a seroiusly huge burger. Lamb patty topped with grilled eggplant and sweet potato. The lamb patty was disappointingly bland and dry. The flavours of the condiments do not go well with each other, sweet potato does not go well with eggplant and capsicum sauce and avocado puree. I'd say replace the sweet potato with grilled capsicum (though I don't like it) or lose it altogether. It has no place here, just spoiling the harmony of taste.

Balsamic fries@Beastie Burger
Balsamic glazed fries with dip

An idea copied from Red Rock Deli gourmet chips flavour perhaps? Fries were hot and crunchy, nothing spectacular nor memorable.

Now, the herby salted fries at Grill'd are simply to die for, it's no.1 in Brisbane in my book and no.2 is Salsa's spiced Mexican crinkled fries *drool*


Daisy said...

Yea..this is a good place for cheapy good food. Hey, I wanted to ask you if you know where I can get bread softener in brisbane? I tried the Yuen supermarkets but couldn't find them anywhere! In msia, I could just easily find it in the bakery supply shops.

Daisy- Brissy Kaki

Alynna said...

I reckon the best chips and burgers in Brisbane can be found at Burger Urge, Brunswick St in New Farm! :):)

Gastronomy Gal said...

oo I haven't even seen this place at southbank! If I do, I will steer clear.

Rabbit Sim said...

To Daisy,
You can find what is called 'bread improver' from Coles or Woolworths.

To Alynna,
I hesitated visiting Burger Urge after reading Adrasteia account of the staff handling the salad straight after being at the cashier handling money, giving out change. No cleaning in between, not even an intention to wipe? Seriously?

To Gastronomy Gal,
I do think this is a nice burger place despite the flavours not working with the lamb burger.

Anonymous said...

this made me so effin hungry. I wanna go!! BB x