Tuesday, July 11, 2006

London May 2006 - Sweets

Fortnum & Mason

window display F&M Window display

FM cakes Cakes - Berries Mousse and Coffee Opera??

La Maison du Chocolat

Rumour has it they sell the most expensive chocolates in the world (in what aspect I can't remember perhaps by weight). I've tasted some in the shop, well, I've had better.......

Anyway I was not after the chocolates, I was interested in them babies...

La Maison Macaroons
Oooo yes, macaroons!!

Can't get any decent ones in Asia except well obviously Tokyo where the Picasso of Patisserie, Pierre Herme, has a shop as well as Sadaharu Aoki and Dalloyau. Of course I must stuff myself silly when I see them in reputable shops such as this one. I bought the only pack left. Review see next post.

window display la maison du chocolat La Maison du Chocolat's display - Chocolate goodies galore!


What's inside those pretty boxes? To reveal in next post, for Laduree warrants an individual mention.

Haagen Daz

We visited the flagship cafe in Leicester Square after a forgettable meal in nearby Chinatown.

HD Summer Flavours
New summer flavours - cantaloupe (left), berries and cream (right) and cappucino with caramel and chocolate fudge chip (bottom)

My absolute favourite is cantaloupe! No chemical flavourings aftertaste, very refreshing on a warm summer night. Both other flavours were equally good.

Krispy Creme

Picked up two couples from their branch in Harrods. Certainly lived up to its reputation being the best doughnut in US of A. Yay! I love doughnuts!

Krispy Creme

Ooops, missing one. Gobbled up in the car on highway. Frosting did not go all melty and sticky the following day, amazing (weather's hot here!)

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