Friday, April 15, 2011

[Brisbane] Soman, not for the faint-hearted

18 Sunny Ct Shop 22
Sunnybank, 4109

Spicy duck
Duck pieces (head to tail -_- ") in spicy sauce

Steamed spareribs in glutinous rice
Steamed spare-ribs in gluinous rice

The only three or four items on the menu not spicy. You can probably tell from the picture the glutinous rice was not even cooked.

Pumpkin in egg yolk sauce
Pumpkin in salted duck egg yolk sauce

Steam&fried mantou
Steamed and deep-fried mantou

The dishes were all pretty average. Spicy was VERY spicy and the dishes were swimming in oil (except the mantou and the steamed spare-ribs of course). I was gagging after 4 bites. Tons of food left and had no intention of doggy-bagging the leftovers.

Having said that, the flavours were not bad, it will be agreeable to those who like spicy and can stomach super oily food.

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C6YN said...

Went in there once without realising that they serve mostly spicy foods. Asked the waitress if the chillies can be left out and was told that most of them can. They just taste better with chilli. So, we did order a few dishes and were pretty happy about it.

We had egg fried rice, beans and some tofu wrap thing. Will have to try their other dishes again another time to really comment on the quality.

My family prefers Lok Fook just a few doors down most of the time though.