Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gateau & Macarons by Chouquette

Gateau & macaron
The first moment I saw macarons inside Chouquette's jewel box, er, cabinet, I was beyond joy!

My beloved macarons, oh, how I miss you. Unsure of the quality, I only packed 2 home for tasting. Thereafter, they became my default buy everytime I visit the patisserie. The macaron shell is moist and just a little chewy on the inside and crunchy on the exterior. Both filling and macaron are unexpectedly not too sweet and good chocolate used. Hmm, hmmm, I am a happy bunny and so is little bunny, ha!

Chocolate gateau
The chocolate gateau (name in French unknown) with its glistening chocolate coat was beckoning at me. I asked the pretty French girl behind the counter to pack one for me.

As soon as we finished dinner, I quickly cut the cake, took photo of the wicked cross-section 'pose' and attacked the gateau with Princess. EVERY mouthful sent us to seventh heaven. Such a dainty and complex creation with layers of almond genoise sponge, milk chocolate mousse and dark chocolate mousse covered in glossy chocolate coating and decorated with chocolate squares at the side and chocolate macarons & chocolate curl on top. The sweetness is within acceptable level, less sweet compared to Canele's gateau.

Chouquette will be sorely missed when I leave Brisbane one day *sob*sob*

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