Friday, November 16, 2007

Soy Joy

Just Soy Cafe old look
First encounter of Just Soy Cafe, situated in a dingy corner in an out-of-the-way building on Creek Road.

So spartan and dodgy looking was the place, Big King and two other patrons hesitated going in, pretending to read the menu on the door while surreptitiously checking the activities inside the shop.

Aiya, already drive all the way here. I 'barged' in and order after lookin at the menu for 2 minutes. Big King was still unsure.....In the end he didn't order and only brought back a small round plastic take-away container.

Red bean & peanut tofu fah
Weather was super hot on that day, so I decided to do a little tasting before keeping it in the fridge. Keep for later, just now ate so full.

OMG, 一試不得了. So YUMMY!! Me and Princess finish the whole thing while Big King was still loading the shopping into the fridge! Mere words cannot describe how smooth and tasty the tau fu fah is, sob sob, so 'touched' after eating.

Then it was closed for 2 or 3 weeks while moving into the new shopfront at Pacific centre, Calam Road. Sob, no tau fu fah for so long.......

Just Joy Cafe new look
Just Soy Cafe menu
The new establishment added soymilk, shaved ice, bubble tea and snacks to its menu.

Red bean & matcha sauce tofu fah
New flavour, red bean and matcha syrup.

Red bean & peanut tofu fah1
Our all-time favourite, peanut and red bean.

Homemade grass jelly, tofu fah and  red bean
This is what I made out of desperation while Just Soy was closed temporarily; grass jelly and red bean tau fu fah with muscovado syrup. Haha, oklah, cincai, cincai........Princess refused to eat XD

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