Thursday, December 20, 2007

James Street Market

Just got connected to internet yesterday. What a long long wait. So far my experience in Brisbane being new customer for any products or services can expect excellent service. Existing customer please expect long delay and often 'non-received' instructions as most possible excuse.

The other day I bought coffee from one of the many coffee stalls in Powerhouse Market and was greeted with stern face while taking my order. The woman was all smiles with previous customers and let me waited for about 2 minutes before attending to me. When said I wanted a large cup, the smile return to her face but only slight twitching of the mouth which did not reach her eye. She even cough openly while making my coffee! Blah!

James Street Market

Wet market is non-existent in Brisbane. James St is an affluent part in Brisbane city so the market is also 'upmarket'. The car park is lined with Porsche, Mercs, Ferrari and all luxurious brand name car you can think of. The ladies stroll around clutching Chanel and Hermes. Obviously the prices are also 'upmarket'.

James St Mkt

Inside the market complex also house a gelati bar, Spoon Deli and Cafe, Nut company, a beauty parlour, wine shop and Wheel & Barrow (homeware store)
James St Mkt entrance

In the deli section of Spoon, you can find gourmet food from all over the world and Lick's ice-cream which sadly is not to my taste. I bought a burnt caramel 900L tub and it sat forgotten in the freezer for months after 1 taste.
Spoon Deli

Spoon Deli & Cafe

James St Mkt aisle
Fruits and veg perfectly displayed and so expect to pay premium prices though not jaw-droppingly ridiculous.

Meat counter @ James St Market

The meat counter inside the market filled with Bangalow sweet pork *drool*.

Gourmet products @ James St Mkt
Chiller cabinet filled with gourmet dips, olives, sauces and pates.

There is also a seafood section at the far end which also has a small sushi counter.

You can find a florist and French Twist (bakery) on the left as you enter. Caution: avoid French Twist unless you have deep pockets, quality is mediocre but comes with hefty price tag.

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Anonymous said...

isn't that Indian guy in front of the menu board Tom from Master Chef Australia?