Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007 Boxing Day Sale!

This is Queen Street on Boxing day. PEOPLE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE SEA @_@ Everywhere is packed like sardine!

Queen St @ Boxing Day 2007

It's worse inside MYER (who's doing stocktake sale) and David Jones (half yearly sale).

Most ridiculous is the queue for GUESS.

Guess on Queen St
GUESS on Queen St

Guess @ Queen's Plaza
GUESS @ Queens Plaza

What's the magic with Guess? I wouldn't know, I wouldn't caught dead wearing the apparels or accessorizing in the brand, for fear of looking like my neighbour's amah >.<

There were throngs of tourist everywhere! Oh, you can tell cos they always deck out in backpack, crossbody and sneakers. Yikes, sneakers in summer! Locals wear thongs, the shortest skirts and pants and the skimpest tops :^).

Aiya no lah, of course, tourists always has a guide in their hands mah. More than half the people has some sort of guides and some wear socks with slippers, YIKES! Where's the fashion police?!

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