Thursday, August 28, 2008

[Brisbane] Chopstix at Brunswick Central

The visit to Chopstix happened eons ago, like earlier this year in April 2008 :p.

My photos all turned out so bad I hesitated about posting them (very dim lighting inside the resto).

But what the heck, the most important thing is sharing the experience.

Top left: Xiaolong (meat buns)
Top right: Stir fried hand pulled noodles
Bottom left: Lamb chops in chef's special sauce
Bottom right: Red bean paste encased in egg white souffle

The above first three items were all under chef's specialty/recommendations on the menu.

My take:
The xiaolong's skin is too thick but the meat filling is actually tasty.
The hand-pulled noodles is too starchy for my liking and a tad too oily.
Lamb chops were served less than warm almost cold and the chef's special sauce was cold! I prefer the cucumber on the side XD
Deep fried souffle ball was just ok, missing the key mashed banana inside the filling and the egg white batter tasted sour, weird.....

Minced meat in pastry
Minced meat and picked vegetables served with pastry

The stir fried minced meat was just ordinary fare. Sesame studded pastries could be found in all Chinese supermarket at AUD4 for 2 pieces. They might have risen in price, orz....

Total bill came up to AUD8X.XX after grand opening 15% discount .

Worthy visit? It's your take....

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