Friday, August 29, 2008

[Brisbane] Random home cooking shots

Like I mentioned before, my friends were wondering whether I do any cooking at home. All I ever posted on the blog were eating out experiences. Haha.

Well, er, it's just that I am not the best nor the most creative cook in the world. I only do very very simple dishes at home. Mostly steam and stir fry. Deep frying will only happen on important or auspicious occasions.

Most popular dishes in my household:

Steamed chicken with shiitake and black fungus with ginger and spring onion.
Steamed chicken with shiitake

Stuffed beancurd braised in oyster sauce.
Stuffed beancurd

Baked spareribs.
Baked spareribs

The first two dishes were too simple. I am sure most people will cook this better and present them better at home than me.

But the spareribs, my oh my, they are something else. I will share the recipe in, er, due course. Though they are simple and require ZERO technique, they are so good I feel everyone should at least give it a go and taste them.

So, watch this space.......

1 comment:

kabonfootprint said...

I am looking forward for the spareribs recipe of yours, thanks :-)
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