Wednesday, July 28, 2010

[Brisbane] Yum Cha at Big Gun Chinese Restaurant, Underwood

Big Gun Chinese Restaurant
Shop 7/2922 Logan Rd
Underwood 4119 QLD

Big Gun@Underwood

Big Gun Yum Cha

The variety of dim sum at Big Gun is second to none in Brisbane.

This may be my favourite yum cha haunt at the moment but there are some hit and miss items like the chicken pie.

I favour this place over others because they do baos (buns) rather well. Dough was light and fluffy which showed that it has been well proved (traditional Chinese dough proving method for the cha siew bun with a smiling crack will take three days).

Their signature turnip pastry is indeed very good and I often find myself over order just to have some leftovers for lunch next day.

Sometimes you might see some unusual items on offer like fried milk pudding and pig's blood. The waiters will occasionally go from table to table bearing a tray of small plates of boiled vegetables, sweet and sour pork, roast meats and etc.

This place can get very busy on the weekends (but not to Landmark's extent) but turnover is quick.


eye candy carousel said...

Excellent variety by the looks of it! Thanks for this post - I have been looking for some more Southside options for Yum Cha!! :)

Anonymous said...

We liked this resturant, not too far from home compared to our usual yum chas at sunnybank.
Very noisey though as its quite a small resturant, and not much room around your table to pull out your chair a little.
Service is great though, happy smiling waiters eager to please, and have good english speaking voices.
8/10 points !