Monday, July 26, 2010

[Brunei Dec 2009] Rest of chomps in Brunei

Sorry for MIA for ages.

I went on a 3 weeks holiday and came back with viral infections :-(. Must have gotten it from the very sick lady who sat next to me and Princess on our flight back to Brissy. Grrrrrrr.........

Le Taj
Lunch at Le Taj, an Indian restaurant in Kiulap.

We had 2 set lunches, tandoori chicken with condiments served with pilau rice and chicken curry and condiments served with naan. Also ordered gobi manchurian (cauliflower in spicy and sweet sauce) from a la carte.

Yappy Kopitiam
Lunch at Yappy Kopitiam at Kiulap.

We had penang fried kway teow (spicy fried broad rice noodles with clams and prawns), wantan kolomee (dry tossed noodles with dumplings) and chicken curry noodles.

Penang fried kway teow is especially good.

Seasons at Centrepoint
Dinner with ex-colleauges at the then newly refurbished Seasons restaurant at Centrepoint Hotel Gadong.

Buffet dinner on that night did not look particularly interesting or appetising or appealing so we all went for a la carte.

Clockwise from top left:-

Mango fish with rice, steak Diane, fettucine carbonara and spaghetti bolognaise.

Mango fish was good value with generous portions.

To be honest, these were eaten more than half a year ago, I have forgotten how they taste like. But the kway teow at Yappy was good so we encore on our last trip home in June this year.

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