Thursday, June 10, 2010

[Brisbane] Sunny Court Restaurant

This restaurant has a recent name change to Chongqing, for unknown reason as the chef and owner stay the same.

Sunny Court Sunnybank

Deep fried duck, Sunny Court
Crispy duck served with steamed buns

Duck was tasty and well marinated but a tad oily. Buns were soft and fluffy.

Stir fry eggplant, Sunny Court
Stir fry eggplant

Not like Dainty Sichuan *sobs*, tasty nonetheless.

Sweet & sour fish, Sunny Court
Sweet and sour fish

Very tasty with the sour from black chenkiang vinegar. Not your average chop suey shop sweet and sour.

Sour & spicy mung bean noodles
Sour and spicy mung bean noodles

A fiery concoction of mung bean strips swimming in a pool of chilli oil doused with spices and vinegar. This dish was lacking in flavour somewhere. The experience made bad with burnt spices/chilles so there was a hint of bitterness. Why not like Dainty Sichuan *cry*

I want Dainty Sichuan :-((now closed, previously in Melbourne Chinatown).


I had this recent comment on my post on Jocelyn's provisions from way back in 2008.

This is what the reader said:-

It is not $15 for a slice of cake it is for a whole barcake, which is actually closer to 9/10 inches. That being said, though when the post was written I would recommend buying from the shop. In the past two years the prices have gone up and the quality no longer exists ( even in the lamb pies) due to an owner change. Do not bother with this shop as the food is days old( though the staff are forced to tell you it is fresh) and the quality of even a fresh product is questionable, if you MUST purchase something from this shop, stick with sweets as you are less likely to spend the next day on the loo.

I agreed with what he/she said, I had visited twice again after that initial visit and was surprised to find the range of products (at least my repeated purchases) had all tasted differently (a lot worse to be honest) and haven't been back since. Last visit was August 2009. However, the barcake at my time of purchase was more like 5.5 in by 2 in (which in my opinion is just a slice of cake) as you can probably tell from the picture which only span the size of 3 melting moments and those baci cookies at the side were miniature petit fours like 2cm in diameter.

On subsequent visits, I noticed the barcakes and melting moments were made a little bigger but baci were no longer seen.


eye candy carousel said...

yum, I really love the look of that duck dish with dumplings! What is your favourite meal to order at Sunny Court?

Rabbit Sim said...

Hmm, I would say the duck. It was tasty and those buns were especially good. However, I just wish there is some sauce on the duck which I can mop up with the buns.