Tuesday, August 10, 2010

[Brisbane] Bamboo Basket at Southbank

Bamboo Basket
189 Grey St Shop 1003-1004
Brisbane, 4101

Bamboo Basket@Southbank
Busness was brisk but not very busy on a Sunday lunch time.

Service was hit and miss, it was difficult to flag down a waitress.

Dumpling noodle soup@amboo Basket
From the lunch menu, dumpling noodle soup. Unremarkable, soup was bland and noodles too soft fitting for baby's consumption. The dumplings' filling was good and was the same as the xiao long baos' meat filling.

Dan dan noodle@Bamboo Basket
From the a la carte menu, dan dan noodles.

Pretty disappointing as it came as noodles in sweet and sour broth with sprinkles of sesame and crushed peanuts on top. Needless to say, weird. But if haven't the faintest idea of a genuine version, you might actually enjoy this. The sweet and sour broth is pleasing to the palate. My benchmark will be Din Tai Fung's version though my favourite is from Imperial Treasure Nanbei in Singapore.

Savoury pancake@Bamboo Basket
From the a la cate menu, pancakes with savoury chicken and vegetables filling. Quite tasty with generous fillings. I just wish it has some kind of sauce to go with it.

I forgot to snap the xiao long bao as we were too busy eating it while piping hot. Their version is decent, tasty meat filling with juice but I find the skin too thick.

Now these tasty morsels are hard to perfect. The skin has to be thin and resilient with standard 18 pleats and the filling has to be moist with right amount of soup so the skin is not torn when you tried to pick one up with your chopsticks. My favourite was those from Shangpayne in Sunnybank Hills.

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