Tuesday, August 31, 2010

X Factor 2010 Australia. Harry Abu's audition.

This is the moment.

Brunei's Harry's chosen song to tell the world his inner turmoiling emotions.

Through tears before and during the actual audition he told the world he is gay and his parents resistance against it.

It was brave of him and I think there is no other more shocking/grander way to tell the world and his parents/friends/relatives back home in Brunei, if they don't already know.

Harry gave a very emotional performance and received standing ovation from some judges and spectators. It was a truly moving moment and I also shed a tear or two.

I wish him well and all the best in the competiton.


Anonymous said...

why does he looks like he ALREADY has loads of fans? -bb

Rabbit Sim said...

Well, he is the FIRST Bruneian who audition for major TV show and got through though he didn't make it to the next round.

There was not even a footage of him on the next round. So I guess he has less than interesting thing to offer and not what the show is looking for.