Tuesday, September 07, 2010

[Sydney Jun 2010] Chat Thai

Chat Thai
20 Campbell St

Chat Thai
As soon as I saw Chat Thai featured in Food Safari, I made a mental note that I would make a visit if I were in Sydney.

My cousin strongly recommended it when I told him I was going to Sydney.

'It's very authentic,' he said. Magic word. Now I die die must go.

But weather was not kind to us when we visited, it ws pouring on our way from Westin to Myer, luckily the Myer building was connected to QVB via an underground passage.
We found the free CBD shuttle outside Sheraton, hopped on it and alighted at Chinatown. Campbell St was just a few steps away from the stop, opposite Capitol Building.
It was early when we arrived, the legendary snaking queue was nowhere to be seen. We scored a table easily.
The place was quickly filled up as the dining room was quite compact, long and narrow. The tables were within inches of each other and the patrons sit elbow to elbow.
Not a place for private chit-chat.

Crullers with kaya dip

My uncle made better ones :-(. Kaya was weak and very (too) lemak.

Sukho Thai
Suko thai AUD8.90 (with or without consomme)

Thin rice noodles in spicy chicken stock with fish paste dumplings, dried shrimps and pork loin; finished of with peanuts and finely sliced green beans.

Very tasty dish, the soup packed a punch and the flavour was incredibly complex. You have sweet, salty, sour and umami swmming in your mouth and the back of your head.

Khanom jeeb AUD5 for 4 pcs

Steamed wonton dumplings with chicken and prawn filling.

Very good eaten with the smoky sweet and salty chilli sauce.

Oh, before I forget, there is a reader who wants to know where to get cake flour.

You can get them from Chinese supermarket which will say low gluten flour in Chinese or you can use 'Lighthouse' brand 'Cakes, biscuits and pastry self raising flour' available from Coles or Woolworths.

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