Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[Sydney Jun 2009] Din Tai Fung @World Square

Din Tai Fung
644 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9264 6010

First night in Sydney...still raining.....orz.........

I made plan to meet with cousin, H, who lives and works in Sydney. Oh, I haven't seen him in ages, like, two years.

I gave him pandan chiffon cake and leftover cruller frm Chat Thai lunch. Hehe, hope he doesn't mind that it's not as good as his dad's.

Din Tai Fung Sydney
This was the queue when we left at around 7.30pm. The place was half-filled when we arrived at 6-ish and thus were promptly seated.

We were so excited to be visiting Din Tai Fung Sydney as we remembered our meals from DTF Taipei with utmost fondness.

Xialong@DTF Syd
Default order, xiaolongbao, dainty little morsels of gastronomic delight.

Hmm, I popped one in my mouth and frankly speaking, taste was average and filling was a bit dry even with the soup swimming inside.

Chicken chop rice@DTF Syd
H had chicken chop served with fried rice. I stole some chicken from him. Yum.

Pork chop rice@DTF Syd
Big (pork-chop face) King had what else but pork chop served with fried rice.

Fried rice here was rather good but still miles away from Taiwan's version who used top-notch rice (from who knows where) and spring onions from Yilan complete with wok-hei.

Sesame paste noodles@DTF Syd
Oh, sesame paste noodles, my favourite. I had been dreaming about this for ages. Can't find the likes of this in Brisbane, sien. I had it mild, they normally comes spicier, as I am sharing with Princess.

Fried kailan@DTF Syd
Stir-fried spinach with garlic

Finally, some green for fibre. This was executed well and nicely seasoned to my taste.

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