Monday, October 11, 2010

[Brisbane] The Little Cube

The Little Cube
Shop 90
Sunnybank Plaza
Tel: 07 3210 5775

Spicy mung bean strips@Lil Cube
Spicy Mung Bean strip

Sweet and sour pork@Lil Cube
Sweet and sour pork

There should be another dish but it came some 40 minutes later after the econd dish was placed on the table. We had to ask twice and the wait staff did not come back with any explanation. What made it worse was it was very difficult to flag them down. When we decided not to wait anymore and leave, the dish suddenly appear.

Return factor: -1.0

While waiting (im)patiently for the last dish, I overheard the next table speaking to the Captain (Chinese way of describing head waitstaff) looking woman, I can't help it, the tables are too close to each other and I was bored out of my teeth.

Woman and man (speaking simultaneously),"The meat you used, are they fresh?"

Captain, very quickly continue,"Of course they are fresh, we only use the freshest ingredient."

Woman and man,"But the meat has this strong smell," without any chance of making themselves clear the Captain quickly intercepted,"oh, I guarantee the meat is fresh, it's the way the animal is slaughtered here, they don't drain the blood first hence the strong bloody smell linger on the meat."

Man and woman,"Oh really........" Didn't look or sound convinced.

Now of all my experience of buying/eating pork in Brisbane, I have never encounter such said pork that reeked of old fridge and foul blood.

It's never my intention to review/publish post of underperform restaurant/cafe in my own opinion but it was the exchange between the staff and the customers that I want to highlight. I would have the same conversation with the Captain myself (same sentiments with the complaining couple after eating the sweet and sour pork) had it not been for the bad experience and my intention of returning is zero. So I didn't bother.

In the end the couple took away the complained dish, now I don't understand why they did this after making the complain. We left our unfinished sweet and sour pork. Our last dish fared worse, it was all (chicken)bone and dried chilli pieces with crystals of undissolved MSG.

Well, the place is very popular with queues on weekend. It's just not agreeing with our palate, to each his/her own.

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