Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[Sydney June 2010] Le Grand Cafe

Le Grand Cafe
Grd Fl Alliance Française
257 Clarence St
Sydney NSW 2000

After an unfruitful rummaging through $1/$2 Japanese knick-knack shop on Clarence St, we decided to have lunch nearby. I wanted to go to Plan B initially but it is really just a takeaway joint beside Becasse and I didn't want to sit on the street, much too cold and it was drizzling.

So we went across the road and into Le Grand Cafe.

croque monsiuer
Croque-monsieur - $8.00

Although the cafe wasn't packed and only one other table waiting, the croque monsieur did not arrive some twenty minutes after ordering.

It's just a friggin toasted cheese and ham sandwich, how long can it be?? Sigh, by the time it arrived, my hot chocolate was half gone (I struggled not to finish it) and became cold chocolate. Worse still, the appetite was gone because the chocolate came in a big tall mug. I was full and sick from the chocolate. Grrrr....

Lucky I was sharing with Princess.

Though not hungry, we finished the sandwich quickly. The hot and toasted sandwich with melty cheese was very comfoting on a cold rainy day.

The much awaited desserts quickly arrived after the bread board was cleared.

chocolate pot
Petit pot au chocolat - $8.00

Normally I shun chocolatey desserts, chocolate cake, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate whatever, I reject them all. I like to eat just plain chocolate and sometimes with fancy fillings.

But other choices look less appealing so I went for the chocolate pot. Looks plain and boring but the nut praline topping looked and smell delicious.

Digging in, the chocolate was extremely smooth and not too sweet. I understand why when I digged my spoon further in, there is chocolate truffle hidden inside and at the bottom sit a pool of caramel sauce. Surprise much. I quietly squealed inside my head as I revealed the treasure underneath.

Out of this world.

strawberry tart
Tarte du jour, strawberry tart - $8.00

Even withough the glace, the strawberries were sweet. Custard a bit hard and too set for my liking. Tart bottom looked hard and heavy. Sure enough, I can't even cut through it with a knife. You will have to really force your knife through and then the pieces will fly away when you succeeded.

In the end I just eat it with my hands and fed Princess. The tart was too big a piece for princess to handle. Strangely, the pastry melted in my mouth and actually quite light on the palette. It was good.

The tart was less memorable, still, it was tasty with nice custard and delicious strawberries.

The chocolate pot is da BOMB!

It's a nice place to chill and away from the hustle and bustle of main street and busy shopping centres and food court nearby.

It you were lucky, you might catch Justin North coming in to check on his crew!

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strawberries are not locally available in our country, but that pie looks absolutely delicious.