Thursday, October 21, 2010

[Brisbane] Banneton Bakery, Woolloongabba

Banneton Bakery
25 Balaclava St

Banneton Bakery@Woollongabba
There is also another shop at Ashgrove.

If you have been to Pennisi Cuisine, the Woolloongabba bakery is just two doors away.

If you haven't been to Pennisi, get there NOW!! It's a foodie treasure cove! There are products from all over the world including a chiller cabinet of wonderful cheese, smallgoods and pickled olives, Sugo Mi pizza base, pastizzis, Dutch caramel stroopwaffle (YUM!), nuts and pulses and a whole hoardes of other continental goodies.

Banneton trading hours

Wall of fantastic wood-fired sourdough bread behind the cashier/counter.

My faourite is definitely the New York deli rye. Also available are turkish bread, foccacia, kaiser rolls, baguettes and various sourdough loaves.

They do simple breakfasts on weekends, the menu will be posted at the counter.

Banneton cabinet


Weird as the name may sound, this is actually a delicious combination of brioche bread topped with raspberry conserve and frangipane. Brioche is light and cake-like. Princess' favourite.

Blueberries friand@Banneton
Blueberry friand

As easy as friand's recipe may look, it is actually quite a skill to get it right. Banneton's version is absolutely spot on. It may look and feel dense and undercooked when you cut into it but once you popped in your mouth, it straightaway crumble and melt away, extremely light on the palate. Now that's a well-made friand.

However..........there are bad friand days at the bakery........oh yes, do not buy if the top hasn't risen to a golden hue. I once bought a sticky undermixed friand with floppy sunken top, big bad, I should have known better.......

Apple nougatine@Banneton
Apple nougatine

This is ordinary, I found the apple too cooked, mushed to nothingness almost like puree. Perhaps its the way it should be. just not my cup of tea. But the topping of nougatine is delicious. The pastry a bit wet and gluey, I prefer a light and crumbly tart case.

Nuts & grains sourdough@Banneton
Nuts and grains sourdough loaf

The star of the bakery is definitely its range of bread. Like I mentioned before, I heart their New York deli rye. The smell was incredible and when I cut into it I realised it's the onions, delicious!


Gastronomy Gal said...

I go to Pennisi ALL the time, but haven't eaten anything other than bread from Banneton. I hear it's good though!

cusinera said...

another place I must really check out...thanks for the post!